MAXStick® Liner-Free Labels: Always, Better.

MAXStick® Liner-Free Labels were developed and designed based on the following customer requests:


  • Consistent image quality from the label
  • Ability to create and cut only the size needed for the label without dependence on sense marks that create excess label length and waste
  • To be able to use the printer, if necessary, as a POS printer using standard thermal paper after the printer has been used in label mode without the paper jamming in the printer due to adhesive build-up
  • Ability to stick to multiple surfaces (e.g. bags, boxes, wraps, cups, trays, countertops, etc)
  • To be able to apply pressure anywhere on the label surface vs. on a specific area on the label, so that it will stick to the intended object
  • Not leave any glue residue/build up in the printer or damage any surface to which the label may be applied
  • No maintenance required for your printers, such as cleaning, to provide consistent performance
  • Various packaging options for daily/weekly, monthly usage requirements
  • 100% Bisphenol Free (BP-Free) and meet all food safety requirements
  • Premium quality means premium results: we use the best quality 100% lint-free paper that will not foul your printer and you get 20 years of image life for archival/tax recordkeeping.

Very Important: With a silicone-free top coating,

MAXStick® Liner-Free Labels will not cause the printer damage

found with other liner-free label products.

Don’t be lured with products that claim to be ‘self-cleaning’;

that means their adhesive does gather on the printer mechanisms

(why else would they need to claim ‘self-cleaning’?)

and they still have very abrasive coatings that wear down

your expensive thermal print head.


Spend less, print longer. Always.


Use MAXStick® Liner-Free Labels to prolong your printer life!