MAXStick® – The Global Leader in Liner Free Labels™

MAXStick® uses specially created primer and release coatings and a highly effective blend of adhesives to create the world’s first truly liner-free, removable, and re-stickable label on a thermal roll.

MAXStick® is available with adhesive patterns that best meet your application requirements.

MAX International is honored to have been distinguished with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Designation for MAXStick®. SIF’s vision to efficiently, sustainably, and profitably impact the planet resonates fittingly with MAX International’s mission to position MAXStick® as an efficient, sustainable, and profitable labeling solution. Since its creation, MAX International has been dedicated to leveraging technology that benefits society and the environment. Leading in production technology is one of the main pillars of MAX International’s corporate strategy. Being committed to reducing the impact on the environment, this leadership does not only apply to high-performance product development, but also to responsible operational production. This is an economic and ecological necessity, especially due to the increasing use of linered label products creating vast amounts of non-biodegradable silicone-infused waste material. Please visit Solar Impulse Foundation for more information.