Star introduces Sticky Label Kiosk Printer, the SK1-311 SK, perfect for use with MAXStick®

Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point-of-sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proudly releasing their new SK1-311 SK thermal kiosk printer with repositionable linerless label paper printing capability for use with MAXStick, ideal for creating food labels and more.

MAXStick® liner-free repositionable direct thermal labels stick to virtually any surface and are easy to remove and reapply, leaving no residue. They move around the workspace without losing their ability to stay in place. MAXStick® liner-free labels are an economical alternative to silicone-lined labels or tape and are more eco-friendly. There’s no need to peel off the liner paper from the label, so there’s less waste.

The SK1-311 SK kiosk printer is excellent for food labels, especially in busy restaurants, delis, coffee houses, and other establishments packaging goods for customers. Labels for coffee cups, sandwich wraps, and other to-go orders can help staff keep track of them as they move down the line. These labels can also show production dates on food prep items or keep track of parts in warehouses. They’re great for luggage tags in hotels or any other items from the concierge for guests.

This repositionable label kiosk printer is perfect for any self-service application. Customers can check themselves in at places like airports, conferences, or doctor’s offices and be notified of any announcements or directions on the display as their bag tags or personalized badges print.

The SK1-311 SK printer itself is small and lightweight, has a long service life, and is designed for a wide variety of equipment. Capable of printing on multiple mediums, the SK1-311 SK can print using MAXStick® linerless label paper and regular receipt paper. This fast-printing kiosk solution prints at a maximum of 200mm per second with an auto paper cutter, and partial or full-cutting options are available.