MAX International Converters, Inc. & MAXStick® Products introduces MAXStick® PlusD Colors

Lancaster, PA: MAXStick® Products Ltd., industry leading global suppliers of direct thermal, liner-free, removable adhesive labels, is proud to announce the release of its newest product line: MAXStick® PlusD Colors with a patented Diamond Pattern Adhesive.

Building on the long success of the 55gsm MAXStick® SideEdge Colors product line, MAXStick® PlusD Colors will be offered as a 74gsm base direct thermal liner-free label in several widths and roll lengths to accommodate the ever-growing list of 60+ MAXStick® certified direct thermal printers.

Featuring a patented, removable, and repositionable adhesive, the MAXStick® PlusD Colors Diamond Pattern allows for maximum adhesion to a wide variety of food packaging materials and surfaces without leaving unwanted residue behind. MAXStick® PlusD Colors will be stocked in Pink, Orange, Canary, Green, Blue and Violet, with special-order PMS colors available.

Addressing ongoing market research that shows restaurant brands offering drive-thru and contactless pick-up will continue to have an advantage post-COVID, MAXStick® PlusD Colors allow food preparers to securely identify food order details from initial acceptance of the order to customer pickup or delivery.

Additional benefits of using MAXStick® PlusD Colors include highlighting special orders that may contain or omit allergens, food prepared according to strict religious practices, or color coding for product delivery.

MAXStick® liner-free labels are an environmentally friendly labeling solution that are recyclable, silicone free, and Bisphenol Free (BP-Free). MAXStick® is currently utilized in a diverse range of applications and industries across the globe including food service/hospitality, warehousing, retail, libraries, parking, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics.