When we heard about the MAXStick product line, we were extremely excited because we thought it would fill a huge need for the library market. At the time, libraries would print receipts (or full 8.5″ x 11″ sheets) to place on items that were on hold… (books, DVDs) The way they attached the receipt to the item was by using rubber bands or opening the books and placing the paper inside, making it difficult to see who the item was for. For libraries processing thousands of books a day, it was a very tedious process.

With MAXStick, it turned into a one-step process. Print and stick. Easy to apply and easy for patrons to identify which items are theirs. Libraries love this innovation and so do we!

Kevin Brown, President

BayScan Technologies
33549 E Royalton Road
Unit 3
Columbia Station, OH 44028

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