TeamOne Repair, Inc.

Date: 2/15/2013

Re: MAXStick International Products

To Whom It May Concern,

Team One Repair, Inc. is taking this opportunity to publicly state our utmost satisfaction on all levels with MAXStick International as a company and its entire product line. Team One has been proudly distributing MAXStick products for over four years on a global basis to a very diverse yet demanding customer base. Our customer base spans numerous market segments and here are just a few examples for reference: libraries, restaurant chains, major retailers, and government agencies at all levels.

In all business cases, MAXStick has provided our customers with a unique, cost-effective, and extremely high-quality solution for their labeling and receipt requirements. To date, our customers have expanded their use of MAXStick paper by implementing other adhesive versions and the color selections available. The MAXStick product line has provided our customers with the ongoing ability to provide innovative new solutions on a variety of levels either internally or for external operational services.

In turn, our customer’s profound and out-spoken satisfaction with MAXStick products has provided Team One with an unprecedented level of visibility in key market segments critical to our future growth and success. All of this activity clearly provides proof positive that MAXStick products are true performers!


Samer Khashan, President

Team One Repair, Inc.

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