My company has been involved with MAX International and the MAXStick product since the initial development back in 2005. In August 2007, when I was forming my current company, MAXStick was and still is the product that was the centerpiece of my solution strategy.

MAXStick has migrated from a single product in the beginning that had the flexibility of the adhesive stripe placed in the center or on either the left or right side to a multitude of innovative adhesive patterns, adhesive strengths, paper types and paper widths that are available today. This continued product development has allowed my company to present innovative and custom “on-demand” labeling solutions to my clients.

Currently, I have several customers who have implemented custom MAXStick solutions ranging from order checklists, product and/or customer item identification, exception labeling, and takeout and delivery order identification. These, as well as the solutions listed on the attached MTO brochure, are designed to help improve order accuracy and efficiency as well as improve the overall customer experience. Sincerely; Thomas Niedzwiecki


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