How MAXStick Works

We believe that there is currently no product of comparable quality on the market and are very satisfied to work together with MAX International

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MAXStick was developed and designed based on the following customer requests:

  • Consistent image quality from the label
  • Ability to create and cut only the size needed for the label without dependence on sense marks that create excess label length and waste
  • To be able to use the printer, if necessary, as a POS printer using standard thermal paper after the printer has been used in label mode without the paper jamming in the printer due to adhesive build up
  • Ability to stick to multiple surfaces (e.g. bags, boxes, wraps, cups, trays, counter tops, etc)
  • To be able to apply pressure anywhere on the label surface vs. on a specific area on the label, so that it will stick to the intended object
  • Not leave any glue residue/build up in the printer or damage any surface to which the label may be applied
  • No maintenance requirement for the printers, such as cleaning, to provide consistent performance
  • Various packaging options for daily/weekly,monthly usage requirements
  • 100% Bisphenol Free (BP-Free) and meet all food safety requirements

News & Updates

Press Release: MAXStick® Linerfree Direct Thermal Label Media is Certified on the New SNBC BTP-N90LF Re-stick Printer

Posted by Mike Jungkurth on Jan 30, 2023

MAXStick SNBC Press Release MAXStick Products and CRS, Inc, a leading distributor of world-class printing technology, are proud to announce the MAXStick® certification of the new SNBC BTP-N90LF re-stick, liner-free receipt printer. Certification requires testing for...

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Star introduces Sticky Label Kiosk Printer, the SK1-311 SK, perfect for use with MAXStick®

Posted by Mike Jungkurth on Aug 30, 2022

Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point-of-sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proudly releasing their new SK1-311 SK thermal kiosk printer with repositionable linerless label paper printing capability for use with MAXStick, ideal for...

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MAXStick® and the Custom K3

Posted by Mike Jungkurth on Jun 10, 2022

The Custom K3 LINERFREE has recently been certified for use with all MAXStick® liner-free label products. Tested for weeks in a rigorous series of challenging environmental scenarios, the K3 performed without issue and showed zero sign of hardware fatigue with its...

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Press Release: Seiko Instruments Releases New SLP720RT Liner-free label printer

Posted by Mike Jungkurth on Jan 26, 2022

Seiko Instruments Releases New SLP720RT Liner-free label printer World leading printer company introduces powerful 2” labeling and receipt printer driving speed for multiple applications in a compact size and package.   Torrance, CA, January 10, 2022–Seiko...

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