MAXStick® certified by DIGI on Weigh Price Labeler Printer

Lancaster, PAMAXStick® Products Ltd., industry leading global suppliers of direct thermal, liner-free, removable adhesive labels, is proud to announce that they have received certification from DIGI for the use of MAXStick® on the Linerless labeler printer.

The Linerless labeler is one of the fastest linerless industrial applications in the market today, securing a speed of up to 90 packs per minute. The Linerless printer can be utilized on all DIGI machines from their high speed HI-700 to their entry level LI-700D.

According to DIGI, “The Linerless uses carefully designed components to allow a smoother cut. The unique style of blade along with a self-cleaning feature means a longer life for the cutting mechanism and a consistent quality. Other unique features offered by the Linerless is our thermal head heater to minimize the time of warming up the thermal head, dual centralizers to allow a perfect placement of the label every time, and precision cut-off which means your label will be cut to the nearest millimeter.

DIGI Europe Ltd will be promoting this labeler into the vast food industry including in Bakery, Poultry, Red Meat, Ready Meals, Fish and Dairy. The MAXStick® liner-free label offers the perfect labeling solution with the Linerless labeler.

Crafted with a unique “removable and restickable” adhesive formulation, MAXStick® liner-free labels are an environmentally friendly labeling solution that is recyclable, silicone free and Bisphenol Free (BP-Free). MAXStick® is currently utilized in a diverse range of applications and industries including food service/hospitality, warehousing, libraries, retail, parking, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics.


About MAXStick® Products: MAXStick® liner-free direct thermal label products are produced by Max International Converters, Inc. under a licensing agreement with MAXStick® Products Ltd. MAXStick® Products are distributed worldwide by MAX International and affiliated partners.

MAXStick® is a registered trademark of MAXStick® Products Ltd.

MAXStick® liner-free labels are manufactured in the United States and distributed worldwide by MAX International Converters, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries, MAX International Converters, Sarl, and MAX International Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd.